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Molded Pulp Packaging

3 Bay Roll Cradles - for 14" diameter rolls - 8 pairs per box

3 Bay Roll Cradles - for 14" diameter rolls - 8 pairs per box

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Pallet Protection with Recycled Molded Pulp Cradles

Ensure the safety of stretch film, paper, and textiles on pallets with our reliable Roll Cradles. Crafted from 100% recycled molded pulp, these cradles offer a perfect balance of firmness and flexibility. Easily fold a pair to place between layers, or separate them to use on the top and bottom of your pallets, effectively preventing damage and flat spots during transportation and storage. Trust in our eco-friendly solution for secure and sustainable packaging.

Experience efficient and organized material handling with our 3 Bay Roll Cradles. Designed for 14" diameter rolls, each box contains 8 pairs for a total of 16 cradles. That's 50% more than other brands, providing increased capacity without taking up more space. Improve your workflow and productivity with our reliable cradles.

  • Bays:  3
  • Roll Diameter:  13.5" to 14.5"
  • Roll Cradles per box:  8 pairs
  • Length:  44.25"
  • Width:  12.25"
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