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Molded Pulp Packaging

Magnum Pulp Trays (sold individually)

Magnum Pulp Trays (sold individually)

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Most wine shippers today are custom-made to fit a 750mL bottle of wine, but what happens when you need to ship a magnum-sized wine bottle to your customers? At Wine Shipping Boxes, we offer magnum wine shipping trays designed exclusively for magnum-size wine bottles.

Our magnum wine shipping trays are equipped to ensure your wine bottle stays in place throughout the duration of its trip. 

The molded pulp insert is designed for magnum wine bottle dimensions that measure up to 14 1/2" in length which is big enough to fit most 1.5L bottles of wine. They’re lightweight, durable, sturdy, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and extremely protective of your wine.

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