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Molded Pulp Packaging

Twelve (12) Bottle Stand Up Wine Shipper Tray Set

Twelve (12) Bottle Stand Up Wine Shipper Tray Set

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Twelve (12) Bottle Stand Up Pulp Wine Shipper Tray Set

Molded pulp trays are one of the most prominent and beneficial packaging materials used today. It’s a cost-effective way to ship your wine bottles safely and securely, without running the risk of any bottles breaking in the process. Not only that, but it’s 100% safe for the environment.

Don’t let shipping wine become a harder job than it has to be. Each tray set comes with a bottom tray, a middle tray for secure separation, and a top tray for easy stackability. We even offer discounts to anyone interested in buying bulk, so feel free to stock up today!

You receive a bottom tray, a middle bottle separator, and a top tray that hold twelve (12) bottles per set.

The minimum order is 5 tray sets (5 bottoms, 5 middles & 5 tops). Trays fit bottles up to 3 5/8" wide.

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