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Molded Pulp Packaging

Twelve (12) Bottle Beer Shipper Kit - 2 pulp trays & 1 outer shipping box

Twelve (12) Bottle Beer Shipper Kit - 2 pulp trays & 1 outer shipping box

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Are you trying to figure out how to ship beer without damaging the bottles? Do you need a cost-effective and durable solution to your shipping needs? Don’t worry, we have the beer shipping kit for you and it’s something your customers will fully appreciate every time.

Our beer shipping kit comes equipped with a 12-bottle molded pulp tray that provides the right level of shock and vibration absorption. This also means you get to promote a more green and eco-friendly solution that keeps the environment just as healthy as your beer bottles.

Aside from the molded pulp trays, our beer shipping boxes are made of corrugated cardboard to add to the protection. You can finally ship your beer across the country without having to worry or stress over the possibility of broken or damaged glass.

These pulp beer shippers are made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. They’re environmentally friendly and compostable.

Every pulp beer shipper kit comes with two trays and an outer box. Our 12 bottle beer shippers are available in increments of 5.

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